Whether to create online business card photographer on a free hosting uCoz?

Back in the year 2009 I decided to create their own online business card. At that time, I had no experience in site building, but had a great desire to have its own page on the Internet. Googling a bit, I decided to create my first website on a free engine uCoz (www.ucoz.ru).
As it turned out, using a system of free building sites uCoz, anyone (even a bang like me) can for a couple of hours to get your own website! It inspired me, and I began to fill his brand new website content - photos. After a while I began to add to the website text content: articles on the photos, blog, etc.

photographer on site uCoz

Replacing the design of the site on uCoz by one mouse click. Using such a simple substitution patterns, site appearance changed almost every month. One day I got tired use default templates, and I drew his own. However, in order to pull it to the engine uCoz I had to learn HTML and CSS. After a year of work on the site, it has got the kind that is depicted in the screenshot above.

After 2 years of life of the site, I realized that I could not develop it to the point that I need. As a result, the site has moved to a paid hosting, acquired its own domain name. Ask why? The fact there are a number of good reasons, which I will discuss later. Now I want to point out some positive aspects of this system for creating sites.

Positive aspects of free service site creation uCoz

We must pay tribute to the developers of the system uCoz, they created remarkable system of building sites. Below marked the most important positive aspects (conclusions are based on my own experience).

Accessibility and ease of creating websites

  • Everyone who knows how to use the mouse and keyboard at the user level, without much effort, just a few clicks can create your own website without a financial investment.

Many useful modules

  • Here are some of them: guestbook, blog engine, a message board, feedback, voting, etc.

Easy Admin

  • Control Panel interface is intuitive (graphic labels menu items). Proper location of the navigation buttons. Also worth noting PU functionality.
control Panel uCoz

Easy to edit the code and replace the template design

  • Ability to edit the source code without the use of third-party HTML-editors. Highlighting HTML-markup tags and styles CSS, see screenshot below.
  • Ability to undo the edited HTML/CSS-code a web page to the source or credit default.
edit CSS code

Easy administration

  • To manage files on the server without having to install additional software. For these purposes the system file manager, which is enough for most administrative tasks site.
file Manager

Protect the site from hacking

  • Multiple layers of protection sites uCoz estimate as reliable. In addition to individual access passwords in the admin panel, and an account on the site, it is possible to connect your mobile phone to confirm administrator rights. In the history of my sites on uCoz there were no cases of unauthorized access my account.
SMS-verification on uCoz

Site Uptime

  • I want to note the stable operation of servers (Accessibility). For many years, my observations were only isolated cases of transient server crash, which is quite normal. Not every paid hosting can boast such indicators of stability.

View log of actions and backup

  • It is possible to view logs of account activity: what, when and who made changes to the site. From what IP-address sign user.
  • It is also possible to make a full backup of the site in a separate zip-file. In which case, by means of backup, you can restore a site or its appearance.
log of user actions

Technical Support

  • Maintenance is not satisfactory: in my experience, communication is found only admins responsive, always ready to help solve any problems with the site. And this despite the fact that I use their free service.

After listing the positive aspects of the system uCoz someone from the readers might be a logical question: "What else do you need, man? After all there, and besides free! Take it and enjoy it!" Fair to say that yet, yes, to some extent they are right, but there is always a "but", which nullifies all the advantages. In my case, there were several of these "but" will be discussed further.

What's not to like - the main reasons for moving from a system uCoz

So, what made me move the site to another hosting?

No access to the file .htaccess

  • No control over server settings. That is, in uCoz system is not provided access to the file .htaccess, which deprives webmasters the ability to manage some of the important processes in the site.

Limited PHP

  • Connecting PHP is available only for "Premium Member". You can not use the canonical/familiar syntax embedded programming language. To call a PHP-scripts need to resort to the use of additional functions. There are some restrictions on the use of PHP-functions.

Price Hosting

  • Web Hosting for $6 a month - a little expensive though. I understand that such a high price includes not only rent space on a server and security system, templates and modules. But all the same - expensive for me.
uCoz-hosting $6 per month

Annoying ads

  • In the case of free use of uCoz, users are forced to contemplate the annoying ads on the site. Advertising takes up too much space. As can be seen in the screenshot below, ad units closed most of the page. Vertical banner on the right closes the menu button, which leads to a deterioration of the site navigation and attitude to the site by users.
  • More recently, in addition to the square banner, there was a huge banner in the footer (bottom of page). This banner covers not only the contents of the footer and main content of the Web page.
ad units uCoz

The structure of the URL-address

  • From the point of view of SEO-promotion generated by the engine structure of URL-addresses of this form: fotoformula.at.ua/news/utilita_dlja_pk/2014-03-11-19 is not good. They say that it can be changed to any CNC, but only for the money, see screenshot below.
change the structure of URL-addresses uCoz

Domain name

  • That the domain name that you chose during the registration process uCoz, for example, fotoformula.at.ua, not yours, it belongs uCoz. You do not have this domain name of any rights, you can not manage it. If there is a theft of a domain, you can not sue, because you do not have it any official documents. This is the same as the account on the social network: passwords until you have not taken away - you are the administrator page if taken away - now you have only a guest on his page. Therefore, I do not advise to promote uCoz-domain, it is better to buy your own and promote it was his.
  • You can park your uCoz-site any other paid domain. But as for me, it is better to buy hosting for 1.5 bucks a month with your domain in the bargain and do not bother with all sorts parks.

If after I have mentioned drawbacks system uCoz your hand stretched toward the address bar of Uncle Google to immediately start looking for an alternative system uCoz, do not rush to read a couple of paragraphs below.

Do not rush to move from system uCoz

If your site is in the uCoz lived at least a year, it is filled with unique content, therefore, gets good traffic from search engines is well positioned for in the crescent. Think about whether to give up all the advantages of the system uCoz and irrevocably lose valuable traffic? In fact, after moving to another service/server, you can not save the current position in the search engines, the site in any case lose weight gained (PR/CY). Website promotion will have to start from scratch.

The loss positions in search engines

  • The loss of positions in the search is primarily concerned with the fact that you can not be done effectively redirects from the old URLs to the new ones, even if you use for these purposes javascript, meta tags and specific directives in the file robots.txt.

    Only with the help file.htaccess redirect URLs can be effectively pages preserving gained weight (PR/CY) and positions in search engines.

    Unfortunately, at the moment this possibility you have not, because in uCoz system this file is not available for ordinary webmasters.
  • Another reason - change the structure of URL-address, which are likely to be different for nesting and certainly will be different in appearance. After all these terrible tails in URL-address, for example, "2015-01-13-17", which generates a CMS uCoz, of course you'll get rid of.

Secure Site on your shoulders

  • If you are not confident in their ability to protect the site from hacking, I advise you to refrain from moving on other hosting. It may happen that your site is "quietly" hacking, flooded the server some evil virus, as a consequence - a ban from search engines, traffic and farewell!
  • Secure Site - it is not one day, is a work almost daily. Are you ready to spend a lot of time learning programming languages to be able to identify vulnerabilities in scripts and promptly correct the infected files? Are you willing to spend money for services of programmers who can remove the virus from your website?

Before you make a final decision about parting with uCoz, weigh all the "pros" and "cons" and "chop ends" only when you are firmly confident in their abilities.
In title of the article, I used the phrase «on a free hosting uCoz». This phrase and me at the time prompted the creation of a site on uCoz. But, as we now understand, creating websites uCoz system is not free, it is a commercial from head to toe. To uCoz-site was full, you have to pay money, otherwise you'll have to pay with uCoz display their advertising banners on all dynamic pages of your website.

However, I do not regret that began their way into the web-mastering system with uCoz. On this remarkable range of site building, I met with HTML and CSS, gained experience typesetting, took the first steps in the administration of the site. Thank uCoz for their wonderful service. If you want to create your own online business card as soon as possible but you do not have special skills to work with HTML and CSS, in this case uCoz - a good start. Successful site building, success in promoting and monetizing your efforts!

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