Site of the photographer: the choice of the domain zone and domain name

You decide to have a personal business card site or blog, and faced with the problem of choosing a domain name for your future child - a photo of the resource. If this is about you, in this article I will discuss how, in terms of SEO, pick a domain name for site photographer. The figure above shows two domain zones: «ru» and «ua». Today we will speak only of the blast zone «ua» and regional domain areas. International generic domains not be considered here.

domain name

Which area to choose a domain name?

Domain zone must be selected based on the fact on what the target audience focuses your project. If you live in Russia, you should choose the zone «ru», if Ukraine - «ua». This is due to many factors, in varying degrees, affect the availability, the ranking of your site by search engines, etc. This topic is quite complicated and volume, so in this article we will not consider it. But in the future, we may go back to it.

So, we chose the domain zone, for example, the zone «ua» - perfectly. But in order to register a domain name, for example, «», you must be the owner of a registered trade mark «profoto» and nothing else, alas, like this strange rules Ukrainian registrar. Only brand owners can register a second level domain in the zone «ua», for example, «».

Thus, the second-level domain is not available to us, so we will choose from a third-level domains in the zone «ua». We have two choices: we can choose a universal or regional third-level domain in the zone «ua». If your target audience is in a certain region, for example, in the city of Lviv and Lviv region, regional advise you to buy a domain «», because in the future it may help in promoting your website.

Regional domains, and generic domain without reference to the region

To the category of regional domains include any domain with the designation of the region, for example, «», where: profoto - the domain name; - a regional domain area (Lviv);
«», «», «», etc. - Ukrainian universal domain zones.

If your project is aimed at attracting audiences from Ukraine - should you buy a universal domain of the above... If you bet on a regional audience, regional domain - just what you need, while its cost is much lower than the universal.

Pros and cons of abbreviated names of the regional domain zones

Very often you can see in the domain name abbreviated spelling of the regional domain zone, for example, the domain area of ??the Luhansk region - «». Is this good or bad? There is no single answer to this question is no, because it depends on a number of factors, which we now consider.

Abbreviated spelling of the region can be useful only in one case we need to get a short domain name, so it can be faster to write and easier to remember. On this abbreviated names of the regional advantages of domain zones end and start cons.
For example, the address of the site «» residents of other regions may take one of the subdomains of the company «LG». Such confusion with the name of the domain for someone can be misleading. But that's nothing compared to what the abbreviated name of the regional domain zones deprive us of the opportunity to use the web page address desired keyword, - city.

Advancing in the search engines to certain requests that are tied to a specific region/city name in the URL of a web document will increase the chances of your page appear in the top SERP. We will not go far, as an example, take this site and look at the issue of PS Yandex Send "photographer lions", see screenshot below.

Yandex request photographer lvov

As you can see, the search engine Yandex has found a domain name keywords of the search query by selecting them in bold. Thus, by using the domain name keywords, we can propel your website to the top of issuance. Of course, what this site is in the first position in the top, not only the merit of the keywords in the domain name, but these keys are working to improve the ranking of your website by search engines in the region.

Do not believe those who say that today the keywords in the domain name does not affect the position of the site. - Affect, although not as much as before. While SEOs are not abused keys in domain names, search engines relation to such names were positive. Now the effect of this method of promotion has decreased, but at the moment still working. Do not overuse the keywords in the domain name, it's not like any of the search engines or people.

Should I write the domain name transliteration?

Another important point regarding the keywords in the domain name:
If you are targeting a regional audience, domain name, please write transliteration. Why is it necessary? First, the people who are not strong in English, were able to correctly write the address of your site, and secondly, that the search engines could see the keywords and highlight them. For example, as shown in the screenshot below, you can see how responsive the Google search engine to search word "photographer".

the Google search word fotograf

As you can see, the fourth link at the bottom of the domain name «photographer», which translated to English means "photographer", the search engine Google has been ignored, and identified only the second part of the query - "lions", as the main keyword "photographer" went unnoticed. The third link above, the keyword «fotograf» translit, the search engine and found it easily identified in bold.
Conclusion: write domain name transliteration, if you plan to promote the site in Google's Russian-Ukrainian-speaking territory.

use of the name of the region in the universal domain

And a few words about the regional and universal domain areas. In the screenshot below (the third and fourth positions), is shown in the use of the domain name keyword "Donetsk". Using the universal domain zone «» with the name of the region «donetsk» (a reference to the third position), in my opinion - is not logical, because it is obvious that the site is aimed at a target audience of Donetsk region. It is better to buy a regional domain «», on which to bind the domain name, for example, «svadba» or «fotograf»; - we would have a short domain name with the correct keywords, as is done in the domain at the fourth position of search results Yandex, cm. screenshot below.

top 10 Yandex request photographer donetsk

It should be noted, and the fact that the keywords domain name with direct entry keys in the search query, do not guarantee top positions in the search results. For example, as shown in the screenshot above. Here you can see that the site with direct entry search query "photographer doneck" in the name of the domain is lower than sites without direct occurrences of keywords in the query.
This is due to the fact that these pages with a search engine, more relevant to this search. That is, for those sites that are above the grant, there are more advanced and accurate answer to the question required.

But it also should be noted, however, that if it were not for the right keywords in your domain name site from the fourth position, he might not have fallen even in the top ten of issue - in the top 10. But then again, I suppose, and that only because of the keywords in the domain name, the site for this query took a decent fourth in the issue, which will undoubtedly lead to the desired target audience site.

Name of owner site/blog in your domain name, is it good or bad?

This is good if:
1) You do not need keywords in your domain name, that is, you're not going to promote your website in a particular region;
2) You want to promote your own name.

This is bad if:
1) You will untwist the site in a specific region under specific keyword searches;
2) Did you ever want to sell the site (well - if your customer relation).

As you can see, the pros and cons are equally divided, so the choice is yours. That's all. Your questions and comments, as always, waiting for the guest. Thank you for your attention.

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