Photos of historic sites in Lviv, where it is necessary to go

From the material in this article you will learn about some of the beautiful historic places in Lviv. Objects worth seeing in the central part of the city very much, but today we will focus on the most, in my opinion, remarkable places of the central, historic part of the western capital of Ukraine.

Church of the Transfiguration (Transfiguration Church) - the street of Krakow, 21

church of the Transfiguration

Church of the Transfiguration located in the central part of Lviv, in the streets of Krakow, 21. This temple is sometimes called the Church of the Transfiguration. If you are near the Opera House, to go to the temple can be very simple. Standing with his back to the main entrance of the Lviv Opera, rotated 90 degrees to the left, cross the pedestrian crossing and go straight on L. Ukrainka Street, past the «Vernissage» (a small little market on the right). Come in 200 meters, and you are there.

How do I put the temple in the entire frame

The building is very large, so finding the right angle at which the temple would be in the frame instead of the whole, rather than just. That he still got into the frame completely, you need to use a special type shirokofokusny lens "Fisheye", or make a series of panoramic images with overlapping frames, no other choice.

Making expressive photo

Church of the Transfiguration is painted in warm, peachy color. To make it in the photo are not merged with the white sky, you need to choose a direction of sunlight, in which the sun's rays will fall on it at an angle of 30-45°.

This will enable good elaborate relief facade of the church of Transfiguration. Sun should be a bit behind our backs to the sky in the picture was blue instead of white. The photo will look more expressive if you play on color contrasts. That is, the light façade of the temple should be against the dark blue sky. See photo above.

Church of the Assumption (ensemble of the Assumption Church) - Street Basement, 9

Stepping up from Transfiguration Church (eastbound) L.Ukrainki the street, after 300 meters we upremsya street in the basement. Turn right, and follow the street Cellar 100 meters, on the right side, we see a very tall building — Church of the Assumption, which is a monument of Renaissance architecture, located on the street Basement, 9, see photo below.

church of the Assumption

Go to the opposite side of the street. Basement

In order not to break your neck looking at the dome of this building, we'd better go to the opposite side of the street Basement, with which we are about to open a view of which is depicted in the photo above. The building is very high, therefore, moving away from him for a few tens of meters, and only here you can take photographs of the Assumption Church.

The best time to take pictures

On the street Cellar is always very heavy traffic, even at night is not without a moving vehicle, as evidenced by the multi-colored horizontal lines in the picture above. Perhaps her watch at 5-6 in the morning the traffic is minimal, but I was too lazy to go to the center so early. Perhaps you will be able to make a clean picture of the location, if your trip to Lviv will be delayed until the morning.

Dominican Church and Monastery (Temple of the Most Holy Eucharist) - Museum Square, 1

Dominican cathedral — one of the most favorite places for tourists and wedding photographers. This religious building is one of the most beautiful monuments of Baroque architecture. Here, every day there are different kinds of photo shoots. This cathedral is located next to the street Basement, somewhere about 50 meters from it. The dome of the Dominican Cathedral seen from the street Cellar (pictured above, is a round, black dome in the right part of the image, surrounded by yellow lamps).

Dominican cathedral

Before the main entrance to the Dominican church has some beautiful benches, which are very often take part in the wedding photo shoots. Look closely and you to these forged benches, they may be useful for your photo shoot.

The area in front of the cathedral is very small

Like all previous building discussed above, the Dominican cathedral is also quite large to fully get into the frame of the conventional camera. It is therefore necessary to apply the tips for photographing large objects, which are described at the beginning of this article, because to move away from the building at 50 meters can not be square in front of the Cathedral is too small.

Church of St. Andrew (Bernardine Church) - Cathedral Square, 3-A

The best time to take pictures of the church Andrew

Church of St. Andrew is located on Cathedral Square, 3-A, near Galich market. This temple in the daytime does not particularly attracted attention, plain gray church with a conventional architecture. But this day... But when the sun is setting over the horizon and the backlight of the temple, he immediately transformed and begins to attract the attention of passers-by.

Once he drew, and my attention. But, unfortunately, not me alone he made to stay for a couple of minutes. Passers-by and tourists want to enjoy the beauty of the temple, began to stop next to me, which led to poor quality of the image, see the photo below.

Church of St. Andrew
Bernardine Church in Lviv

Shooting problems on a long exposure

In the photo above, in the lower right, corner of the visible some obscure haze — a crowd of passers-by, which slowly moved next to me, looking at Andrew Church. It is a pity that the sun sets very quickly, otherwise it would be possible to wait until the crowd leaves and re-shoot the picture, but alas, time waiting for I did not, and the crowd of tourists was in no hurry to flee.

Shooting temple after a full sunset

The first photo of the temple Andrew could reshoot half an hour later, when I got back, but I did not want to shoot the temple against the black sky, that after a full sunset will be deprived of the beautiful, detailed, dark blue sky, similar to the one shown in second picture of the temple. After some time, I still made one church of St. Andrew the full frame after sunset. By taking this shot I pushed relatively good study of clouds with full moon.

Hlyniany Gate (Brama Hlyniany) - Square Mytnaya

Hlyniany back of the Gate

On Mytnaya Square in Lviv is very long, cumbersome structure that resembles some medieval ramparts. This place is called the gateway or Hlyniany Hlyniany Brama (entrance gate). Hlyniany Gate is a monument of defensive architecture of the late Renaissance, which is part of the fortifications above mentioned complex Bernardine monastery.

Unfortunately, Hlyniany Brama - is all that remains of the medieval fortifications of the city of Lviv, which were built in the early XVII century. Go to this goal is possible through the Cathedral Square, near the church of St. Andrew, about which I spoke above.

How to get to the gate of the temple Hlyniany Andrew

So, if you are facing the main entrance of the church of St. Andrew, go around it to the right, passing through the black wrought-iron gates. After 20 meters you will see just such a picture, which is shown in the photo above. In the right part of the picture — the wall of the monastery complex of Bernardine leading to Hlyniany shot from the back of the building. To see the front of the building, you need just 50 meters on the stone path and turn right. When you leave on Mytnaya area, you will see something like the following picture is shown in the photo below.

Hlyniany gates

Night photographing Hlyniany Gate

Hlyniany gates especially beautiful in the evening, when floodlights to include illumination of facades of buildings. In the photo above, the roof Hlyniany Gate, the temple can be seen Andrew. Its dome with this perspective can be seen very well. This photo can be improved composition if shooting time to coincide with the sunset; too much black sky in the photo.

Flower Clock near Hlyniany Brahma

Pay attention to the forefront of photography. In the lower right corner (in the shade) seen some huge clock. This floral clock which looks pretty cool in the warmer months. Flower Clock — a large square bed decorated with flowers of different colors.

Cathedral of St. George - St. George area, 5

Archcathedral Cathedral of St. George (1744-1770 gg.) — one of the most majestic and beautiful Greek Catholic cathedral in Lviv created Baroque. According to the number of visitors among the cathedrals, he could reach the equivalent competition unless the Dominican Church, about which I wrote a little higher.

St. George's Cathedral
St. George's Cathedral at night

St. George's Cathedral is located far from the city center (where is the Dominican Church), however, does not prevent him to be as popular as his rival Dominican cathedral. St. George's Cathedral — a very extensive building. The Cathedral has one very important advantage among the other cathedrals located in tsenre city: plenty of space around it.

That is, the photographer has the ability to remove it entirely from a distance on an ordinary camera without the use of expensive lenses, see photo at right. It's enough to move at 100 meters in the territory of the cathedral and the square of St. George's Cathedral remove completely, so to speak, a single click.

Catholic church of the Jesuits - Theatrical street, 11

Church of the Jesuits (1610-1636 gg.) — the first among the monuments of architecture in the Baroque style, one of the largest religious buildings of the city. Church of Saints Peter and Paul Jesuit Theater located on the street, 11. It's hard to miss walking through the avenue of Liberty, or standing near the monument to Taras Shevchenko (church visible on the left of the monument).

Church of the Jesuits in Lviv

Church of the Jesuits — a fairly large building that can not fit into the frame completely, using regular photographic lens. Therefore, to capture the church as a whole, use shirokofokusny lens or take a few pictures with overlapping photo, and Photoshop will gather them from the panorama.

This material I finish a series of articles about the most interesting, in my opinion, attractions in Lviv, so traveling around the city, you do not miss the most beautiful places. Perhaps in the future I will return to writing stories about other objects of historical heritage of the western capital of Ukraine. And while that's all, thank you for your attention. See you in Lviv!

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