A bit of history: my first camera

Zenit TTL

Although, no, not Zenit first appeared in my hands. SMENA 8M, that it all started in those early 80's. At the time, the camera was one of the most affordable (15 rubles.) And, therefore, the most popular among novice amateur. I, like many at the time, shot on b/w film Svema 32, 64, 100, and more...
I, as a student in Grade 6, it was possible to save on lunch and the money to buy photo paper, developers, fixers, film and equipment for film development and printing. To print your photos had to buy an entire darkroom enlarger consisting of, various baths, pentsetov, fotobachkov, glyantsevateley, lanterns, torches, the trimming frame, etc.

And the process of printing slightly reminiscent of some features retuala with its own rules and laws are violated, the entire project, "Take a picture of myself," take his efforts to naught.
But it is this sense of mystery, which took place before your eyes looking in the tub with the developer, forced hundreds of times to start the process again and again. Anyone who has been through it - understand what I mean.

My favorite dog

I remember how happy I was when first published a photograph (right). My first film, somehow survived to the present day. Recently, break a lot of negatives, he found his first film, and scanned some pictures. I look at them, and time stands still. Can not believe that the time has already passed a quarter century.

My favorite dog willingly posed for me, what I enjoyed. In the photo below - I am with my most loyal, while the other - the ball. Who I then asked us to photograph no longer remember. These two photographs are very dear to me, so I decided to post them in this post.
My first models were my cat, pet dog (pictured), all relatives, neighbors, classmates, in general, all around me at that time on all sides.

In 17 years, I first appeared before the public as a wedding photographer with my faithful companion Zenith. This was the wedding of my sister. Later, before the draft, photographed as weddings and funerals. Although, the last shoot - shot, but when it comes to printing in a dark room. - Here involuntarily instinct of self-preservation, or the fear of the dead, and maybe both. In general, I'm going to shoot threw these sad events.

best friend

After the army, I started to really golden wedding season, which lasted until not marry all of my friends and acquaintances.
It was the golden era of black and white photography, but it lasted not long.
With the advent of Polaroid and primitive "Soap" came to our country overseas color film, and with it the photo labs. And as if crumbled, dissolved in a sea of ​​so-called "Soap."

Thousands of photo studios across the country were closed after the invasion of Chinese goods. Now, anyone who was a tool for creativity in your hands, at once, automatically became a "photographer." As a result, firmly established in the lexicon of the term "dirty picture". From my own experience I know, almost every family photo album, which has each family filled with such "masterpieces."

Another thing people for whom the picture - something more than just an image on photographic paper, can not afford such an incompetent relation to this kind of creativity. Recently, these people are more and more, which undoubtedly pleases. If you see a person in whose hands are not "soap" and "full body shot" for tens of thousands of $ - not the fact that this man photographer, even if he himself is so. After all, as we know, not a camera makes a person with a camera - a photographer.

Camera - a tool by which, photographer can communicate with the world through photography. And then it does not matter how much the camera, it is important to be able to see the picture and time to pull the trigger! If life - this is not the days that you have lived, and will be remembered. then, to paraphrase a known expression, we can confidently say that the picture - it's not the pictures that you took, and which offer you the world, who will live after your death.

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