Attractions Lviv for photo shoots

If you are a tourist-photographer who is looking for interesting places in Lviv for all sorts of photo shoots, this article will be useful.

Photoshoot in Lviv Park

Frankly, the entire old part of the city - it's Klondike for the fans take pictures against the backdrop of ancient architecture. Where every street and facades of houses have their highlights and features. The main thing is not in a hurry and calmly walking to the camera to take beautiful pictures.

Photoshoot on the background of nature

In addition to the beautiful architecture in the historic center of Lviv, there is a huge amount green areas, parks, public gardens. If desired, you can walk with the camera in the direction of the High Castle (the highest point of Lviv which offers a gorgeous view of the city), where the path will be able to do a lot of interesting and beautiful images with vivid backgrounds.

Park "High Castle"

At the foot of the High Castle is a park of the same name, where you can take a break from the heat and the long walk through the historic city. There are many nice benches that can be used easily for a photo shoot. The park is very clean and well maintained, so that the plastic bottles and other stuff from the background to clean up do not have to.

When shooting people in a full-length (growth portrait), the camera must be placed at chest level portrayed. This situation will allow the camera to transfer the natural proportions of the model without distortions body.
If you need a little bit in the photo "to add growth", the man shooting point must be on the level of the groin or portrayed below (photographing from the lowest point).

High Castle

TV tower High Castle

The television tower High Castle can be seen from any point of Lviv, so you definitely can not miss this beautiful place. TV tower is particularly noticeable at night; it shines on the whole city like a Christmas tree, in general, do not notice it is simply impossible.

How to get to High Castle

The path to the High Castle is tedious; a long climb to the top of the mountain (about a kilometer of the road), which is an observation deck, overcome, not every tourist. So get ready for physical activity.

Climbed to the observation deck (entrance is free), open view of the city at 360°, — an exciting spectacle in front of you. On a cloudy day, part of the city drowned in a gray mist, so here is better to go on a sunny day.

Dress warmly

If you decide to climb the High Castle with children, do not forget to take warm clothes or some blanket. In the High Castle is always very windy (in cold, windy weather here can easily freeze to death); cold wind whistling all around, no place to hide from them, only in warm clothes.

Lviv panoramic (view from the observation deck of the High Castle)

Panoramic view of the city of Lviv from the High Castle

Photographing night portrait on the background of the city panorama

Night group portrait in the High Castle

Night view of Lviv is even more impressive when compared with the daily panorama of the city, which is shown in the photo above. I advise you to go to the High Castle in the evening or at night, and if there is a tripod and a good light, you can try to remove night portrait against a night panorama of Lviv. Remove the high-quality photograph of the night with the city panorama on the background - a task not quite trivial. But with proper training and skill, you can get a good night portrait.

Potocki Palace - Str. Copernicus, 15

Potocki Palace is a monument of architecture, built in 1880. Now the palace Potocki set aside for different celebrations, including the holding of wedding photo sessions.

Potocki Palace facade central right

Potocki Palace located on the street Copernicus, 15. If you are on the Avenue of Freedom (back to the opera house), go to the end of the avenue. Burying in Mickiewicz Square (see the beautiful Stella away with a bronze angel — a monument of Adam Mickiewicz), before reaching it about 50 meters, turn right and walk a couple of minutes on Copernicus Street looking at the left side.

Potocki Palace main facade of the left

Reaching the Potocki Palace, you will see a beautiful wrought-iron gates (sometimes locked). If the gate is open, you can safely enter the territory of the palace (entrance to free). If you want to hold a photo shoot inside the palace, you will have to pay the entrance: ground floor — 10 UAH for the second and third floor — 20 UAH.

Removing the central facade of the palace Potocki completely

Palace of Potocki enough surround the building, and the area is not very big in front of him. Therefore, in order to remove the Palace as a whole (the front side — in the photo below), you will need lens Fisheye (wide-angle lens with an angle of view of 180°).

Potocki Palace central facade

If you are lucky and the large gate will open, in which case you can move a little bit behind the net and remove the facade of the building without the use of Fisheye. But if the main gates are locked and you do not have my wide angle, can only make a series of images overlap, then glue the whole thing in Photoshop.

If you are looking for a beautiful location with a refined and luxurious interior - House of Scientists is the place where there is everything for a chic photo shoot. Located House of Scientists in the city center, next to the park named after Ivan Franko, on Lystopadovoho Chin Street, 6.

Park named after Ivan Franko

Photoshoot in Frank Park

Thus, the photo session at the Palace of Potocki successfully completed, we can move to the next location, continuing to shoot Attractions Lviv. Now we are moving in the direction of the park named after Ivan Franko. We leave for the palace gate and turn left. Rests on the intersection where we turn right onto the Slovak.

We are marching along the streets of the Slovak

After passing the 2nd quarter by the Slovak street, on the left we see Frank Park. We go into it a couple minutes rest on the bench, and then look for a suitable location for a photo shoot. Here, everywhere you look, everywhere is full of greenery: cropped lawns, manicured paths, beautiful benches. In general, fans of live backgrounds will be where carousing with his imagination.

The best time for a photo shoot in the park

The park named after Ivan Franko, you can come to be photographed at any time of the day, however, if you want a beautiful backlighting on the leaves of trees, as shown in the photo above/right to start the photo shoot better after 17:00 (in the summer) or after 15:00 autumn/spring. On a cloudy day in the park pretty boring, so in these days of photography should be abandoned.

Use the widest aperture

  • girl holding a yellow tree branch
  • girl leaning on a bench in the park

Later in the afternoon, the sun's rays at an acute angle beautifully lie on the lawn creating long shadows on the grass and the leaves light up bright yellow. When shooting a portrait against a background of trees, you can get excellent bokeh in the background, due to the striking gaps in the leaves, see second photo on the right.

In this case, do not forget to use the widest aperture, available in your lens. Highlight deep shadows on the model may be light from the flash or a reflector with a reflective reflector. If you have taken with a white umbrella, you can use it as a lens (to the light).

Guy Shevchenko - Str. Taras Hill, 1

Photoshoot girl Shevchenko Guy

In Lviv there is one very interesting place for a photo shoot on a background of beautiful old buildings, of wood and straw clay. This is an interesting place called Shevchenko Guy, which is located on the street Taras Hill, 1 (about 25 minutes walk from the city center)

Shevchenko Guy — it is a museum of folk architecture and life in the open sky. Here a unique collection of wooden cottages and churches, inside of which are old (antique) everyday objects of those distant times.

Stepping Museum threshold for the first time, you as if get into another world, without the city bustle and noise. Here time stops and takes us back to a few centuries ago. The atmosphere of the Shevchenko Guy's kind of special, here you feel very comfortable and quiet. Entrance to the museum for an extra charge, but the entrance fee is very reasonable, almost symbolic.

Stryi park - Str. Stryis'ka 20-22

Swans in the park Striysky

Continuing the theme of photography on location, I want to tell you about another interesting place in Lviv, which is as if a magnet attracts wedding photo shoot. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the territory of the Stryi park, which is located near the center of the city, there is a small lake where swans live year round.

Stryj park does not particularly different Lviv from other parks, but there are already mentioned above the lake with swans, there are some ruins, stone bridges and sculptures from the brook, and the ubiquitous forged paths with benches. In the spring you can admire the blooming magnolias and other flowering trees, which is a huge number.

If you want to hold a photo shoot on a background of exotic plants, not far from the central part of the city has a Botanical Garden. Ivan Franko, which is located on the street Cheremshina, 44. From the center about 15 minutes away by bus.

Described in this article interesting places for photo shoots, of course, not all of which are in Lviv. The above list of locations can be extended for a long time. Here I mention the most popular places in Lviv for photo shoots, which attract the majority of photographers tourists. In the next article I will continue to talk about where there is a walk in Lviv tourist with a camera.

If you will be at least one week time to travel to Lviv, you yourself will find plenty of other decent places are not described in this article. Come for a lot of positive emotions and impressions in the best European city in western Ukraine, and always with a camera!

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