How to protect yourself and your camera equipment from Gopnik

Nikon, AK-47

Systematically engaging in sports, especially treneruesh willpower, which is especially useful for the comprehensive development of each person.
Bad habits themselves somewhere disappear if seriously concerned about their health - exercise. Good physical condition is not only a beautiful body and the attention of girls on the beach, but also security. And it is not only proper, but also the safety of your friends and relatives.

Gop-stop, we came round the corner

Photographers - creative people, not conflict, and go to the sinful earth as well as the majority of the population - without firearms. Armed with a camera and a creative imagination are high and eternal to the masses. Just as most people are out of their way to avoid conflict situations are different, not to engage in discussions with inadequate special, ignore all negative. But how about if conflict is inevitable, if the situation is uncontrollable, if there is a real threat to the life or health? No, these are not stills from the movie "The Book of Eli," is our and your family the streets and yards.

Suppose a warm summer evening, you're going down a narrow street of beautiful old town, look out for the frame and then... gop-stop, come...
Company of drunken teenagers persistently "asks" you: - hey, photographer, let see camera down!
Or insolently - secretly run up and take pre-knocking you off your feet. Well, if there is at hand an AK-74, raised his trunk - the problem has escaped...
But, as is often the case, going to the brainstorming, our photographer forgot to take with saddlebags and a Kalashnikov. What, in fact, provoke such contingent on various "feats". But seriously...

Camera - the main weapon of the photographer, but only for the creativity. Expensive camera - the main cause of increased attention on the part of not only law-abiding citizens but also of every rabble of which may have to fight back, in the truest sense of the word, his hands and feet.
And here it would have to open your vocabulary phrases with promising revenge, including the hair dryer, if available. Well, if that does not work - the legs together and dust pillar... if you do not want to part with technology for tens of thousands of euros. As a rule, when the police needed - its not close. This conclusion is from personal experience.

The well-known expression, "people in trouble - are left to themselves," then true as ever.
A friend of mine says:
- Out of any desperate situation there is only one way out - to get out of this situation.
I'd add: - deserves to go...
It is impossible to anticipate and predict everything that will happen in the next second "peace talk" with your "dear companion", it is important not to miss the right moment to attack, but only if other methods of influence on the minds of Gopnik does not give a positive result.

My former coach taught us:
- If a fight is inevitable - do not wait until the first hit you, because not the fact that after a missed stroke can you stand on your feet, or falling - fast rise.
- Attack of the first. The effect of surprise working for you in an emergency.
"Cut off the head - the body will fall." This means that calculating the leader of the crowd, attack it, neutralize him - the others flee. But if this rule works from 3 to 5 people, and if more... - "Feet together", gentlemen!

Only objectively assess the situation and their physical capabilities should do something.
For those who do not know, I suggest to read some sports options.
Active 3-minute sparring with an equal opponent takes a lot of energy, which is equal to about 1.5 - 2 km. fast running on a flat surface under normal climatic conditions.

If the opponent is from 3 to 5 - the energy emitted per minute before (this is for fit people). Therefore, do not have to "pull the cat's tail." The longer bothering you, the less chance you have of winning. Everything is decided first accurate and powerful strokes: - groin - chin - the solar plexus. Attack must immediately as soon as the enemy nablizilsya the dangerous distance, defined long outstretched legs. If you feel that fizuha fail, just give things without resistance, not death threats, thus, save the most precious thing you have - health. But it is a good look and try to remember the signs of at least one of the attackers.

Here are some basic signs which you should pay particular attention to:
- Remember at least one name/nickname by which contacted one of pals;
- Features;
- Approximate age;
- Exemplary growth;
- The color of the hair;
- Tattoos;
- Scars;
- Birthmarks;
- Clothing and footwear;
- Speech (language, pronunciation).
In general, the greater will remember, the faster will get your stuff back, or get compensation.
All I wish to not get in these situations, are drawn to the better but always be prepared for the worst.
Healthy living + 10-15 minutes a day of physical activity aimed = excellent health and self-confidence.

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