How to find copies of the photographs on the Internet

Continuing the theme of protection against theft of photographic images on the web, I decided to write a few words about how to find online copies of the photos. You may have already used the search copies of your photo browser add-on Firefox «Who stole my pictures?", If not, this article will be useful to you. Just want to warn those who are not sure of your nervous system that is not ready to accept the theft image - if you find your photo on someone else's copyright.

copies photo

Installation supplement for Firefox «Who stole my pictures?"

Addition to the browser Firefox «Who stole my pictures?", will help you find the web copies of your photos. First, you must download the add-on to the official website of Firefox.
Open Firefox. By clicking on the link above, you'll see additions, see the screenshot below. Press the button "Download Now" to install to, and within seconds, ready to use addition.

Addition to the browser Firefox

Setting additions

Supplement does not require any special configuration, but we must make sure that all ticks are in their places. To do this, click the Firefox menu, click "Add", is due to open here is a window, see the screenshot below.

Addition Firefox

Then click on the button "Settings", and ticked off as shown in the screenshot below.


After that, close the window additions, and start looking for our pictures on the Internet.

Image Search Network files from your PC

Image Search

To find a copy of the photo with the original image is stored on your PC, this can create the Firefox new tab by clicking on the X in the top of your browser, and then, click the right mouse button on the empty field browser. If done correctly, you will see here is the menu, which is shown in the screenshot on the left.

Can select any item from the menu. For example, select the bottom menu, which is designed to search for images in the search engine Google. Clicking on that will open a window to select the operating system image that is on the hard drive of your PC. Once you have selected the image you want, click "Open" at the bottom of the open window.

search engine Google

After that, the search engine Google will scan its database, choosing from a huge number of files, the picture is similar to yours. If the database is not like the photo, page issue PS Google remain empty or with similar images in tone and/or the base color of your photo. If the desired file is found, you will get a list of sites that host your image. For example, my photo uses a large number of sites, see the screenshot on the right. (Click on the picture to enlarge).

To test whether legally use your photo on that site, that is not overwritten if your copyright on the photo, or photos published without reference to the source, go to the website and see if everything is OK. If your copyright in place, or next to your picture is a link to your site - it's okay. But if you find your photo on someone else's copyright or author's address is not correct the image, politely ask the administration of the site to remove your picture, or let the image will attach a link to your site. Usually, the administration is to meet the author of photos, of course, if it's not VKontakte. Admins VKontakte you, most likely, simply ignore and support VKontakte will send you to your request for help to go to hell, as at the time sent me... To confirm my words, you can follow the link and read my correspondence with customer service VKontakte.

Search copy photo network image to web page

search copy photo network image to web page

Find a copy of your photos on the web in the image placed on any web-site appears on a search for a file stored on your computer.
To begin your search of copies of your photos on the Internet, select the image you want on any web page, and then, click the right mouse button on the image, see the screenshot on the left, and wait for the search results, see the screenshot above. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

If the search results for Google no results - links to your photos, in this case, you can try image search search engine Yandex, or But, in practice, if the PS Google has not found copies of your photos on the web, ie, other dogs, too, it will not find in their bins (databases). Since image search Google - is a powerful tool to search the Internet. Finds even where other dogs can not see anything.
In general, try to search in different search engines, perhaps it is your photo Yandex find quick Google, you never know. That's all, thank you for your attention.

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