Do I need an expensive camera to take good pictures?

For a long time I was going to write an article about choosing a camera, and then finally the time has come. Today I will share with you my thoughts about the choice of a digital camera; I will give a few tips for beginners and amateurs. I hope my tips will help you decide which camera should buy, and from which the purchase should be abandoned.

Girl chooses a digital SLR

The more expensive the camera the better photos

By the nature of their activities, quite often I hear from people is a misconception that the quality of photos depends on the cost of the camera. That is, they believe that if you buy an expensive camera, the pictures in any way will be good. It could not be, because the more expensive the camera the steeper the photos turn out.

Friends, as I would not want to disappoint you in your beliefs, but I will say straight - this is misleading. The fact is that professional camera for EUR 20 000 as well as on the compact for 100 bucks is not a button named "Masterpiece". Perhaps in the future this button will come up with some artificial intelligence, but to date, their photo masterpieces you'll have to do manually, spending a lot of time learning the basics of photography and practice.

Why do I need a digital SLR?

Ask yourself this question before you spend a tidy sum for the purchase of expensive blood camera. Imagine it in your hands, what's next? What do you want to shoot and why?
- Well why, someone asks. - To take photographs is worse than my neighbor wedding photographer from the third floor. Look what his camera! I also want this!

If you ask him why a wedding photographer such an expensive camera, the answer would be something like this: "Professionals need professional equipment, no other way." That is, for a wedding photographer expensive photographic equipment - a tool without which there is nothing in the photo market. Wedding photographers have shot weddings on the compact digital camera if their technical capabilities were sufficient to produce the desired result.

A girl holding a digital camera Canon

As mentioned above, there is an expensive SLR cherished the "masterpiece" on all cameras shutter release button is round almost the same. If you are not familiar with photography, no matter what camera you shoot, as a final picture on the camera or the monitor will not be very different. To differences were noticeable, you will need to follow the advice of the leader of the world proletariat, "learn, learn..." well, you know.

Sometimes you communicate with a person who operates a couple of years expensive SLR, and it turns out that he was other than an automatic exposure mode does not use anything else. He says that the instructions read, but did not understand anything... so I decided to stay at the mode AUTO, the type is suitable for all occasions. What can I say... - trouble. In general, if we bought a SLR camera, please take the time and training, because in order to use all the time, only the automatic exposure did not have to spend so much money on the SLR, compact digital camera is sufficient for these purposes.

If you do not want to bother with learning the basics of photography, you do not want to evolve as a photographer, and you need an expensive camera is only as presentable toy (gadget) to satisfy your own ego, then I will not discourage - buy safely. It will be a fee for combating an inferiority complex or insolvency; a kind of reminder to others about your financial well-being. Although, if you have too much money, it is better to spend on charity, from this will not only benefit you.

Can I make a good digital compact photo?

If you are fond of photography, like to take pictures, read articles about photography and photo books, attend workshops, sure, you can make a lot of great shots even artistic quality digital compact camera.

Photographing the landscape of digital compact camera

As I have said, is not so important what you have a camera in hand, it is important that you shoot and how. Naturally, digital compacts have a number of drawbacks that prevent the photographer the opportunity to realize some of his works in the artistic and technical aspects. But in most cases you can do without them if the photos have the necessary skills and craftsmanship have a clear idea what you want to remove.

Girl tests the digital compact camera

The main disadvantage of digital compact cameras include the following:

  • It is not possible to use an external flash;
  • Do not possible to synchronize the camera with a studio light;
  • The limited capacity of the optics to work with depth of field, the so-called depth of field;
  • You can not replace the standard lens on the other.

The main advantages of digital compact cameras:

  • The compactness, low weight and size;
  • Easy to wear/transport;
  • Low cost compared to DSLRs;
  • Ease and simplicity of use and maintenance;
  • It is possible to shoot discreetly without attracting the attention of others;
  • For more shock-resistant than the SLR (lives after the fall of the table).

As you can see, the shortcomings of digital compacts is not so much if you do not deal with studio photography, as well as when there is no need to change lenses with different focal lengths. Digital compact digital cameras are best used in landscape photographs on a sunny or cloudy day, as well as for group and bust portraits on location. Compact digital camera you can shoot indoors if the lighting is good and uniform.

Digital Compact Cameras Nikon Coolpix in stores

As for digital SLR: Yes, they have better functionality, greater technical capabilities that are necessary in professional work of the photographer. But the service is so expensive photographic equipment cost is not cheap. This photo technique is necessary to ensure gentle handling (do not give children hands), as well as the need for constant care and other elements of the matrix camera and lens that will lead to additional financial costs.

If you have the desire to get high-quality photos without buying expensive photographic equipment, learn to shoot digital compact, learn the laws of photography, composition and construction, etc. Artistic and technical quality of the photos does not depend on the price of the camera, from your experience, expertise, ability to find and see the story; on your perception of the world and the height of creative flight of your imagination.

The article used photos made in supermarket electronics "Foxtrot". I want to thank the staff and responsive administration for kindly allowing me to take photographs. If you decide to buy a digital camera, I recommend to start looking for a photo equipment "Foxtrot", there is always a quality customer service, a wide range of products to suit every taste and pocket. Successful purchases and good shots!

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