Batteries AA: deciphering the production date, shelf NiMH

Today we talk about batteries, size AA, which is popularly often known as AA battery. But if you use penlight batteries AAA - it does not matter, because the difference between the two sizes of batteries only in diameter, but the chemistry in battery sizes AA and AAA quite the same. This chemical is called Ni-MH, which stands for «Nickel-Metal Hydride». It's about nickel-metal-hydride batteries will be discussed in this article. Their relatives: Ni-Cd, Li-ion and Li-pol, today we will not consider, though, in the future, perhaps, we'll talk about them, because they also actively use the photographers as power supplies photographic equipment.

AA battery

Very often, as power supply external flash (pictured above), at least - SLR camera, photographers use it NiMH rechargeable batteries high capacity (2700mAh - 3000mAh), so today I decided to talk exclusively on the nickel-metal-hydride batteries. We start our discussion of the key points - buy Ni-MH battery.

Date of manufacture of rechargeable batteries AA/AAA

Why is the time of purchase the battery is so important? Because it was at the time of purchase, you need to know exactly what you are buying, - new or old battery.
The first point that should be clarified to the seller of batteries: - what date of manufacture of this battery? Only after you know the date of manufacture, you can ask the price. It may happen that the batteries for a long time, after lying in stock (a year or more),"accidentally" hit the counter of a shop. And now, side by side with new batteries, waiting for a buyer. On the integrity of sellers we are not going to count, so we get the battery in your hand and carefully (through a magnifying glass) look at the production date battery.

Date of manufacture AA battery plays a paramount a vital role in the purchase, as battery begins to age immediately after manufacture - chemistry... you know. If the normal NiMH battery (not LSD) high-capacity long time (over a year) is stored in a warehouse, it is, of course, during this time completely exhausted. Because of the critical capacity loss, caused by long-term storage battery in a discharged state, the chemical composition of the battery may be subject to irreversible processes that result declared by battery will not be possible to fully restore Even after a series of long training (a series of several cycles of charge - discharge).

Rechargeable NiMH battery - like milk, has a definite shelf life due to take place inside the natural chemical reactions, regardless of the number of cycles of charge - discharge.

Concluding the topic of the influence of the time factor, I would like to draw your attention to another important factor - storage conditions. In addition to the shelf life, a lot depends also on the conditions in which were stored finger batteries, but we'll discuss this later... but for now let's go back to the date of manufacture of batteries.

Production Date

So, the battery or batteries blister (see photo above) in your hands - very good. Now we look for on the packaging or on the body battery manufacturing date. And here we encounter an interesting point - a date-and no no! - Some letters, symbols and numbers painted!
It turns out that battery manufacturers encrypt the date of manufacture. Someone is encrypted easier, and someone encrypts the date of peculiar mysterious rebuses that nobody guessed. Ordinary buyer, who has not yet learned to solve these puzzles encrypted dates, hard to understand when these things have created a wonderful product. Thus, some nimble sellers of rechargeable batteries, using encrypted production dates and ignorance of the buyer, without batting an eye can easily shove you old batteries in a new blister pack (pictured above), or - in a plastic box (pictured below).

But, my friends, do not worry! Now-it's for sure you will be hard vtyuhat illiquid because After this article, you will already know how to read date of manufacture penlight batteries, not to accidentally buy a pig in a poke to throw good money after bad.

You can also throw their money down the drain if you buy Duracell batteries capacity of 2650mAh (pictured above and below, they nervously smoking in aside, enviously eyeing the Sanyo Eneloop and GP). Do not buy this shit. But never, under any circumstances! Battery Duracell 2650mAh I once sold at one store for 4 bucks apiece (I screwed up then specifically). In general, a fever, or foolishly, I once bought 10 pieces of this Japanese shit. On, because did not know yet that Battery Duracell - it trash among AA battery (forgive me, their creators). Maybe I slipped a fake, but the packaging was something original. In general, then, I have to Duracell on a gun shot a foot, and that you are advised to do so.

Deciphering the date of manufacture Sanyo Eneloop, GP, Duracell

Deciphering the date of manufacture of rechargeable batteries Sanyo Eneloop, GP and Duracell

Encrypted date of manufacture is used almost all battery manufacturers, but now I want to tell you how to decipher the date production of batteries Duracell, Sanyo Eneloop and GP. Please decipher the date of manufacture AA battery Sanyo Eneloop.
Thus, the encrypted date battery Sanyo Eneloop: 12 - 09 SQ (date of manufacture coated nylon spikes along the involucre).

Date of manufacture battery Sanyo Eneloop read as follows:
12 - this is the year of production;
09 - this is the month of production;
SQ - is a vendor code.

As we see in deciphering the date of manufacture battery Sanyo Eneloop is no big deal, clear and understandable. But with unfortunate Duracell have to tinker a bit, because Here, at first glance, everything is a bit confusing and unclear.
So, we have encrypted the date battery Duracell: 8E 29 - LM (date of manufacture marked on Spike nylon referred to as wrappers).

date of manufacture batteries Duracell read as follows:
8 - this is the year of production (2008);
E - this is the month of production - (5-th letter of the alphabet) May;
29 - it is a day of production;
LM - is the provider code.

Thus, we have the production date batteries Duracell - 29.05.2008.
Encoding format similar date of manufacture is applied to AA battery firm GP, with the only difference being that in the coding date of manufacture batteries GP no code of the supplier, for example, 3F 13 - 13.06.2003. One way or another, but almost all manufacturers AA battery, the first number/numbers - this year production. Therefore, if you want to know the date of manufacture battery from another manufacturer but covered here, in this case, the first digits/numbers you will point to year of production of this battery. That's the math.

Self-AA battery, battery LSD NiMH

You can often hear the question - how long can be stored AA battery without recharging? On this question there is no single, universal answer, because batteries of different manufacturers and different capacities are the essential characteristics of the chemical composition, which largely determines their shelf life. Even the batteries from the same package (blister) may at various times fail (loss of 50% of the declared capacity), one copy may die before the other - later. Moreover, they are all stored and operated in exactly the same conditions. This wide range of capacity loss kit can be explained only by the fact that there is absolutely identical batteries, even though they are made of the same material bottled from one barrel, and go off the assembly line at a time, and etc.

There is a unique universal rule for all AA-battery: - the smaller battery capacity, the lower the rate of self-discharge. That is, if you compare two instances of the same manufacturer, for example, battery firm GP a capacity of 2700mAh and 1800mAh, then under the same storage conditions, battery capacity of 1800mAh will be several times longer hold a charge, than 2700mAh. This is not my subjective assumption, it is a proven fact, which is taken from my own experience, which I now gladly share with you.

LSD NiMH GP 1800mAh

It's hard to believe, my Battery GP 1800mAh (pictured above) for 10 years, but they now work as a watch, 60% hold a charge up to 8 months(!). Set of batteries and Sanyo Eneloop 2000mAh (pictured above), I got a NC, constantly dragging around them in the camera bag all the shooting as a magic wand. Did not even remember how many times they have helped out when a more powerful battery, type Duracell 2650mAh, suddenly zdyhali discharged at the most inopportune moment.
An old GP, by the way, made in China, having worked 10 years in good faith in hazardous work on my flares, long ago could easily retire. But for now, as can be seen for health, retirement, they are not collected. Interestingly, when the GP 1800mAh begin to fade after lifetime expired five years ago? I hope - will not soon... Long life to you, GP 1800!

Ok, enough of the lyrics, continue to consider the main issues of today's article.
World Bank, there are LSD NiMH Battery (Low Self-Discharge Nickel-Metal Hydride) - it's a battery with low self-discharge. You've probably already heard about them or read. If not, then the following information will make you happy. These nickel-metal hydride batteries have one distinctive feature compared to other relatives of the family NiMH batteries.
This feature - low self-discharge rate for a long time. It seems incredible, but even in the third year of storage, these batteries will keep more than 70% charge. A pioneer in the line LSD NiMH batteries is a firm Sanyo with its legendary technology Eneloop.

Do you want to have a reliable power supply as a backup set? - Take it to take photographs set of rechargeable batteries Sanyo Eneloop 2000mAh.
High capacity battery (2650mAh - 3000mAh) it is desirable to charge the day before shooting, maximum - 12 hours before the shooting, as in these batteries, the main self-discharge occurs within the first 24 hours after charge.

life, storage batteries, size AA/AAA

Another date to date: - How long can serve AA battery? Again, this question can not be answered unequivocally. It depends on many factors: from the producer firms, and ending with the terms of use/storage. On average, the active use of the battery under normal conditions, lifetime up to 4 years of age, as long as begin irreversible degradation of the chemical elements, resulting in a loss of capacity by 50% - 60% (after reduction).
In the example I described above (Battery GP 1800mAh), under favorable conditions of storage and use, the batteries are able to live long enough. And here, for sure, some readers will want to know about: - What such favorable conditions of storage and use I'm writing?

conditions of storage batteries

Storage batteries are needed, to a greater extent, favorable storage conditions, and to a lesser - operating conditions. Life expectancy AA battery have a significant impact is storage conditions. On the internet web sites (blogs) is a lot of conflicting opinions about the battery storage temperature and the percentage of battery capacity in storage.

Some torn shirts assure that the battery should be stored in the refrigerator is completely discharged, others - that is fully charged, and others - which is half the. Each brings a lot of arguments in defense of their arguments.
Who to believe? Who is right? So what, vkontse-ends, storage conditions are optimal for battery?

To answer this question, I return to my, now legendary, which passed the severe test of time, old-timers - battery GP 1800mAh. So, they kept all of 10 years on the shelf at room temperature (by the way, they are still there), sometimes fully charged, sometimes - at the half.

Note - no refrigerators! Frankly, I'm not really watching percent capacity during long-term storage, because he was convinced that the charge they will not go anywhere, so it was. Never leave them fully discharged for a long time. And not because I absolutely can not do that, but because they are I just do not have time to self-discharge.

Every time I was going to recharge them, be sure to first fully discharged, and only after a full discharge - charged. I am sure that in this lies longevity of these batteries. That's how we quietly nablizilis to overarching a very important topic - charging and discharging of the battery. This topic is rather extensive, so let's talk about it in the second part of this article. That's all, thank you for your attention.

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I have purchase about 16 Duracell AA Nimh batteries, which according to this websites decoding, were manufactured from 2012-2015, with now being November 2016. All of them have worked very well in my home's thermostats. They run for 8 month, about 35% longer than any other battery I had used previously.

Andrey Ko

Perhaps you are very lucky with these batteries, but I was less fortunate.

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