What you need to know the photographer booking site in web studio

For most professional photographers, custom web site in the studio - this is the only opportunity to create your own page on the Internet. Creating websites today do not only web studio but also freelance web designers who know how to build websites of any complexity.

web site in the studio

No fundamental difference to whom you refer a proposal to build you a website: web studio or freelance developer, in any case, you should know some of the nuances of site building to protect themselves in the future, from unnecessary hassle and prevent potential financial losses.

In my practice site building and promotion, there are cases where the photographer is paid for web developers to create your site, and after a while it understands that, to put it mildly, divorced... Why did this happen? It's simple. Web-studio, using the ignorance of the photographer in the subject site building, prescribed in the contract a number of conditions for which the photographer did not pay attention. And how would he know what to look for him if all these words - Chinese puzzle.

So, to avoid future conflicts between customer and developer, you must know exactly what we pay money. In this article I will try to elaborate on what you need to pay special attention before signing the contract with the contractor. The article is useful for photographers who are going to promote their online photo service through the site, which aims - to attract new customers and earnings on the site.

Who is registered hosting and domain?

Management issues and domain hosting accounts are very important, so with them and begin. Hosting - disk space on the server where you store all your data and files of the website. If hosting is registered on the developer is acceptable if the client Web Studio provides warranty service resource that is taking responsibility for the performance and security of the site. For example, if a site is identified virus, the developer will be required to find and delete it. And then immediately the question for free or for an extra fee? You should clarify this issue, as it may be that the removal of viruses from the site warranty service is not included.

Next time - redesign (changing the appearance of the site in whole or in part). If you want some time to radically change the appearance of the site, or just a portion, for example, replace the background on the back page of articles (see screenshot below) to white, you can contact the developer of this request, or to freelance web designer. And here it is necessary to know the following: for example, if the price does not suit you redesign a developer resource, whether it is possible to invite freelancer for the job? Will I lose with this warranty? If the answer is yes, then check your account on the developer hosting makes sense. Otherwise, you can request a transfer of the right to control hosting.

If the control is hosted in your hands, you can invite any webmaster to change the look of the site at a convenient price for you, but in this case you lose the support from the developer.

In self-managing hosting has several positive aspects, one of which is described above. To this I add that the webmaster freelancer usually do the job the same quality, but cheaper, sometimes several times... Web studio for each click of the mouse take the money, and negotiate a price with them heavier. Next time - it is an opportunity to choose hosting, cheaper, or vice versa - an expensive but reliable. Can be invited freelancer SEOs (search engine optimization specialist sites) if you want to do the promotion of the resource in the top 10 search results. As you can see, more opportunities but also responsibility for the site will be based solely on your shoulders.

Now let's talk about the domain - name of the site. If hosting is not so clear, the domain can be no other option except one: you only have to be the keys to the domain control panel. Be sure to check in whose name the domain is registered. Developers upon completion should you hand over the keys of access (login and password) from the account domain. There should be written your initials, electronic box, telephone and home address. If there will be someone else's data, you want to replace your. Some web-studio take on hosting and domain services, ie pay them, and if something happens - deal with those. support. I advise you to abandon their service, and pay for their own domain, it is not difficult.

If the control panel domain is in the wrong hands, your domain may sell at any time without notice. Return will be difficult or impossible.

Discount coupon on website creation, or what we are paying for

The internet is overflowing proposals saytostroiteley different suits that offer anyone to make use of different kinds of bonuses and discounts on the building site. The question arises: is it possible to believe in such a sweet discount? What is behind such lucrative offers? To answer these questions, I use the example of their practice site promotion.

Yes, indeed, you make this site the way you want, but... Let's find out what really lies behind all these attractive discounts. Let's start with the unique design (under site design should be understood not only visible graphic elements, but also the code). Virtually all bonus designs are not unique, that is, they are all made on the same template, only the graphics varies from template to template and the name of a menu, the code remains the same. This means that in terms of moving on highly competitive demands, ceteris paribus, your site may take, at best, the top 30 search results. Why so? Because search engines do not like copies, not only the content but also copies the source websites. But this is the beginning. Next will be interesting.

Some unscrupulous web developers manage to derive material benefit not only from the direct sale of its services, but also through the use of client sites that are free source of links to their resource. Look at the screenshot below. This is a typical site of the photographer who made on of public template. Pay attention to the bottom part of the site - footer. In the center of the footer posted a link to a web studio. This link is present on virtually all pages of the site. What does this mean? This means that all the pages of this site link to the site developer of this template. Is that good or bad? Photographer for the site - it is bad for the site web studio - good.

Photographer site

Photographer site for the cross-cutting link in the footer - is evil. It is a hole through which follows the static weight of each page and the whole site. That is, in terms of promotion, if such a hole not just plug - remove the link, the site can be long and hard to accumulate static weight - the so-called PageRank (PR). To the top 10, you can go for years with these links, but you can do a search engine filters thunder.

As for the developer, such a reference - it is good, as PR of this site on their resource flows, respectively, the weight of the developer increases in the SERP ranked higher. That's the way some web studio get free links to your site, and do not disdain to take money from customers, blowing dust in their eyes imaginary discounts. They are not guilty conscience that they converted to client sites Sites satellites. Moreover, they flatly refused to remove the link from the footer. If removed, only for the money. Here you have a discount price.

Test your site on older IE browsers

It may happen that some older browsers IE (Internet Explorer) your beautiful photo's will not appear beautiful or simply ugly. I'm not talking about a very ancient browsers IE-IE-5 and 6, it is about IE browsers since IE-7, as of today he is still alive and not going to die. If your site is not optimized for older versions of IE, part of potential customers will be lost, because to this day people use IE-7 and IE-8.

What engine site will work?

Site engine - a content management system (CMS). They are both free and paid. If your site will work on a paid engine, then in the cost of developing the site should include the cost of the engine and its those. Support. If you install the free CMS, in which case you will need to periodically update the system files on the server that requires some preparation. If your site is static, that is, without the engine, in this case, the creation of new pages and editing old will have to do manually. Without knowledge of HTML and CSS to serve such a site would be impossible.

Read carefully before signing contract

Until you have just signed the contract, there is a chance to get the developer to fix the controversial moments are much cheaper than after the signing. If you are not 100% sure that that sign, you can consult the webmaster freelancer providing a copy of the contract and the site address. As practice shows, express an audit of your site will be much cheaper than the cost of fixing bugs.

For example, if you have not checked your site looks like in the browser IE-7, and he in this old browser crashing, then the developer will have to pay for site optimization under IE-7 or hire a freelancer. It is worth noting that the price of this work can be quite high. So carefully check the site before signing the contract, pay attention to every detail to fit on the page - the location of graphic design elements, correct fitting of neighboring elements. If something is noticed immediately please note developers, let them repair their shortcomings. Remember, for correcting any identified future stocks layout you have to pay.

Do not get fooled by the different discounts and attractive offers from the web studios. Web design - it is hard and expensive work. Quality site with unique design can cost $50, $500 - yes. If you decide to create a really high-quality poster, be prepared to financial investments. Money spent on this site - it is a good investment. If the site is developed, systematically filling it with quality and unique content, the result is not long to wait - will be visible in the top 10 and physically palpable in a few months. That's all, if you have questions, write them in the comments, I will try to respond promptly. Thank you for your attention.

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