Copyright on the photos is needed or not?

Copyright protection

Copyright protection on the web, by far, is in the process of the embryo. The copyright law exists only on paper. But if it works today in the former Soviet Union? Of course not. To protect your photos from theft (misappropriation of authorship), for this we need to take some protective measures. Unfortunately, not all of us should be God's seventh commandment - "Thou shalt not steal." Therefore, if time does not take care of the copyright, for us that no one will do. Defend his authorship of a picture is not always easy, and sometimes even impossible. Therefore, you should take care of the protection of copyright in advance. How - in the article below.

Copyright protection

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the problem of copyright infringement on the Internet. I will try to consider in detail the question posed in the title of this article. Consider the pros and cons of the presence of the copyright in the photographs - as a measure of protection against theft.
If you're one of those who does not care about protecting their copyright, then this article is not for you. This article will be useful for photographers who care about protecting their copyright in their photographs.

Illegal attribution of authorship in the image

Some craftsmen assign another's authorship itself by mashing the copyright author, and overlapping the photo of her... This method is one of the most daring and popular on the web. Autolycus copyright apparently unaware that his illegal actions may lead to the punishment in one form or another, but this is a moment.

About a year ago, with the plug Firefox «Who stole my pictures?" I found one of his photographs with a foreign copyright, see the screenshot below. Paginal reference

ILLEGAL attribution of authorship in the image

My copyright - «© Andrey Ko», located in the lower right corner, as in the photo at the beginning of the article. This figure - ass (he himself had called), roughly jammed my copyright and stuck his copyright, but in the place where he was quietly removed is not easy. It is thus obvious that the donkey decided to finally stake out for an authorship for this photo.

As you may have already noticed in my tone, looking at their work with other people's copyright, I could not remain indifferent to such a will, and began to take some action, which did not lead to the desired result - removal of my photos from this govnosoobschestva. As it turned out later, the administration VKontakte encourages theft of copyright. Where such a conclusion?

I wrote a letter to support VKontakte, but I was at the end of our correspondence sent... the police of the Russian Federation, even though I gave them tangible and irrefutable evidence of his authorship for this image - not kropnutyh version of this photo, and two other shots taken from different angles of the same series that never anywhere else on the web has been published. But support for VKontakte - this is not proof, only through law enforcement agencies...
What turns out, I'm a citizen of Ukraine, has to go to Russia in a police station to file a notice of infringement of my copyrights - nonsense...

Not to be unfounded, I represent my correspondence with customer service VKontakte.
Details of the correspondence here: Screenshot correspondence (original)

Andrey Ko
From the rules of VKontakte: 6.1.4. The use of user-generated content, access to which is obtained solely for personal, noncommercial use is permitted provided that all signs of authorship (copyrights) or other notice of authorship, saving the author's name as is, keeping the product intact.

On this basis, I ask your help to punish the offenders who have jammed on my photography my copyright, and hung his own, without my consent.

Here is my picture with my copyright:
But the Group changed my copyright on his own, and did not provide a link to author, that is to me.
Link to the sender who violated copyright:
My photo with someone else's copyright:
I beg you to help me to punish the infringer of copyright.
Regards, Andrew.

This is the first publication of this photograph in my profile.
Then my copyright is a bit different (my name), but the address of my site the same...

Support agent #314
Hello, Andrey!
And you tried to contact administrators community?

Andrey Ko
Yes, I wrote a letter to that person's claim (Ilya Mikhailov) other contacts to contact the admins of this group I have found. From him I received no reply. Help me to contact the administrator of the group, I was able to communicate directly with this figure. I hope very much for your help, I want to teach the bastard for the rage. Thank you.

Support agent #314
Good morning.
Any information about the user, we have the right to report only on specific request from law enforcement.
Tell me, you can provide the source images?

Andrey Ko
I have a source in RAW, weight file 8,17 Mb. You want me to sent it to you? Where is the guarantee that the source code will not be used against me? I can provide you with any part (fragment) of your choice for this image in a larger version, with maximum resolution. This is a photo - is crop the source, so I can give that part of the picture, which was not included in the frame, I cut framing file. I also have other angles of the frame, which were made in the same series. Here are the pictures (thumbnails): - attach a photo.

Support agent #314
Good morning.
Maybe it's good that they see your photos as many as possible? In the end, it's the Internet, there is a free exchange of information.
However, if you find that it violates your rights and used illegally, then you have to go through some bureaucratic procedures established by the Law of the RF form. ››› Read more...
Andrey Ko
The fact that they see a lot of people - it's great for this, and I have published on the web. But the fact that my work someone puts your copyright, this fact I do not like, and that's why I turned to you for help to restore justice. The man who jammed my copyright and put your... violates my copyright. I gave you an undeniable proof of his authorship of this photo, but as I see you I still do not believe that I am the author of this work. I'm sorry that I could not find in your face just protect my copyright, I am disappointed... Thank you that tried to help me.
Regards, Andrew.

As is evident from our correspondence, all the evidence of my authorship, I gave them, but it turned out to be not enough to trust me and teach this insolent. This is what I thought, but this is not a jerk (the administrator of the "I'm in shock"), one of the moderators VKontakte, if not, then their behavior I do not understand, because there is a violation of copyright.

Why defend his copyright on the photos

Some of my readers probably resent, "Yes let them put their copyrights on my photos, I am of neither hot nor cold!"
Take a look at this issue a little more broadly, what is this copyright, and what I've been so tense because of some photos from other people's copyrights.

If you do not do the promotion and monetization of your photo services on the web - you have nothing to lose, you can publish your photographs without any copyrights, a significant benefit of screwing the copyright to your photos anyway you do not get. Do just that a lot of photographers - publish your photos (sometimes at high resolutions) without Kaki or markings - the author's name and/or address of the site. A totally different story if you have a website through which you promote your photo services on the Internet, which is designed to attract new customers - the copyright for interesting pictures can lead to you new visitors and potential buyers of your photos and/or photographic services.

After these words, some members, those who have read my posts on the subject on some photo forums and criticized at full throat - exclaim: "Here it is Che!'s Where the shoe pinches! Now I understand why you're so worried for their copyrights!"

Thieves put their copyrights on other people's work, not because of great love for creativity, rather the opposite - because of the money you can earn from advertising, attracting many visitors to the resource of interesting people through photographs. That's what happened with this photo, which is presented in this paper. After this donkey put his address on my work, this photo spread on the web is no longer with my coordinates, and its address where now come to him visitors to see more interesting things in his ... It is in this place and this goes ass my way.

What is copyright

More fully the copyright can read on Wikipedia, here I give my subjective definition of copyright. © Copyright - the warning, print, branded website, the presence of which prohibits anyone to use this photographic image for commercial purposes without permission. Sign copyright © (in this case - see photo) - is evidence of the fact that this image is the owner who is not willing to share this free image. And in order to contact the author of the idea, the author puts his copyright - name and/or address of the site, due to which, anyone can easily find it, and buy this picture (or his other work), or to obtain permission to publish this photo.

Thus, copyright - it's relationship with the potential customer. If anyone takes away from the photo's copyright, and instead clings to your address, spreading this photo with your address on the web - it can be seen as intentional infliction of commercial prejudice to the author of the image that is associated with the loss of income from the sale of these photographs. And if it is good to try a pirate can sue a decent moral compensation (many examples on the web). I still was not engaged, but if you suddenly need - always will defend his authorship in court.

How to protect your authorship on photo images

At some photo forum I was advised not to publish the photos on the web, if I do not want to share them for free. Many photosite, copyright in the photo is considered bad form. And some adherents (followers) photographs without copyright, tries to stab her author's photo viper disparaging comments. I react to such comments calmly, and share your work with copyright. Now you know why I do it.

Pay no attention to the fact that some fotoresursah you may in some way be ignored, and sometimes humiliated by copyright in the photograph. Do their job well, and no copyright is not a barrier to the acquisition of authority among photographers of a photo site. Promote your photographic services available to you all the way. If you pay attention to some flawed fotobalabolov - will lose time and money.

Before the publication of pictures on the Internet, can be a bit kropnutyh photos, so you can cut (I always do). This can be useful in providing original, proving his authorship. Will not be more than take photos in RAW. This format preserves some important settings of your camera, which can be useful in a dispute in court. Publishing on the Web only black/white version of a color photo, you can also be sure to prove your authorship will be much easier by providing a color version of the image.

What use is a copyright on the photos (the blogosphere)

Benefits of copyright in the photo more than the disadvantages, under certain conditions, and set goals. I have already talked a little bit about the benefits of copyright, but I want to stress some points on the blogosphere. Bloggers in their posts, as a rule, use other people's images for their materials, attracting readers to his articles. Textual material with illustrations perceived readership better attitude to the blog posts with illustrated more tolerant of users. But legally I put someone else's picture on your blog? Of course not. Some bloggers do not realize that they are violating someone else's copyright, using pictures on your blog without proper permission from the author of an image.

Let's consider the question: is the guilty bloggers who post other people's pictures without copyright the author, and/or a link to his site? Of course not. Wines go well at the photographer, who did not want, for whatever reason, put your copyright on their photographs. And when the blogger is in a network the photos, he could not get permission from the author of this photo, because he can not find it - the photo is not copyrighted (coordinates of the author). Usually bloggers link to the source from which it was taken or that picture, but this source does not always lead to the author of the image.

What do the bloggers, if you can not identify the author of photography, that is, when they find the right photo without copyright?
- Place the strange pictures on your blog without compunction - say, if the author has posted photos on the web their work is not copyrighted, so he allows it to be used under a free license;
- Reference is made to the source where you found this picture;
- Share photos as is, without citing a source - wait until someone declares their copyright on the image. That is, if no one makes a request to remove the photo, then let them hang until host.
Bottom line: the copyright in the photograph, blogger saves time searching for the author's work - or for permission, which is rarely the case, - the refusal to publish. The author's photo will give the opportunity to promote their pictures and photo services on the web, thanks to free advertising - placing his photographs in blogs. As we see, the copyright in the photo everything to gain, and each party earns the same photo.

Disadvantages of copyright photos

The one and only drawback of copyright in the photo is that this sign may be to some extent distract the viewer from viewing the image. If copyright is small, translucent or barely visible, some ass to be able to easily wipe. One way out - to put well distinguishable copyright in the place where it can not retouch or difficult to jam. As long as there are no other ways to combat theft and misappropriation of authorship on the Internet, safely put copyrights on your photos and sleep well. Shoot, promote your web photo service, earn in the picture! Your success in this business depends entirely on your desire to be successful. That's all, thank you for your attention.

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