Buying a digital SLR for a used, pros and cons

I recently often asked the question: "Should I buy a used digital SLR camera?" Therefore, I decided to write this article because I see that the issue of concern to many people, and is relevant for today. Immediately confess, I myself never bought used photographic technique, somehow always have enough money for a new one.


If for some reason you can not make enough money to buy a new photo equipment, you can buy second-hand.
In the purchase of used digital photography has its disadvantages as well as advantages. Unambiguous answer to the question asked in the beginning, and there can not be. Everyone decides for himself that he bought and for any money.

Although I've never bought used photographic equipment, however let me give a few tips for a beginner photographer who due to lack of experience did not know until all vulnerabilities DSLR, do not know where to look, what to pay attention when buying digital camera or lens.
In general, if you are going to buy a used digital SLR camera and/or lens, this article is for you. Read and remember.

Who is buying of used photographic equipment

Assuming that used can buy photographic equipment photographing enthusiastic novice photographers, who are learning to take pictures, as well as those who can not afford expensive new equipment. And one and the other should know some important things related to the purchase used photography. Not long ago I wrote an article about how to test before buying a digital SLR.

In that article, it comes to buying new equipment, but in reality there is little difference between the purchase of a new photographic and/used. Buying a new camera in the store, there is no guarantee that this camera is up to you no one used, even a short time. So, the new photo equipment still need to test, so you do not run on the service centers, or the courts.

Plus purchase of used photographic equipment

The advantages of such a purchase may include a low cost camera. Beginner photographer for relatively little money can "make friends" with the camera, to get used to the controls and settings, but most importantly - will begin to practice taking pictures. At this end pros and cons of starting harsh.

Cons of buying used photographic equipment

In my view, the main disadvantage of buying used photographic - is its unpredictability in the operation, that is, a sudden failure. This is of course only my subjective assumption, but let's ask ourselves a question: - why the person you sold your favorite and expensive camera (sometimes - almost new) for such a low price? But even if not in too low a price, anyway - why?

Probably because this camera is it something not happy. And there will be more than ask the seller, why he wants to sell it. Naive to expect a sincere answer to such a question, but you can ask, you never know, all of a sudden people will be honest and lay out the whole truth about the motives of sale. But let's look at the world through rose-colored glasses and look at all the details in order...

Who use the camera and how long?

Who use the camera and how long

Buying a camera with it, the risk is for a situation where at the critical moment, for example, photographing a wedding in a church, your camera will no longer respond to your commands - fails. This can occur for many reasons. One of the reasons for this behavior - the failure of the camera shutter.

Do not know what a bolt? This reference is a brief description of what the camera shutter and the limited its life. Typically, in most cases, it is a resource gate determines the price of used digital camera. In any case, for me, is the main criterion of pricing used Digital Camera on sale. And here we are slowly approaching the answer to the question: why do you sell an expensive camera at a low price?

If you sell your camera a professional photographer, for example, a wedding photographer and photojournalist of a publication on, it has the camera, most likely approach to the critical parameters of wear, that is the number of activation gate closer to the middle, or end of life claimed by the manufacturer.

For example, if the manufacturer has promised 400 thousand camera shutter, so much of this resource has overcome camera. And if the photographer is primarily filmed in series, in this case, the resource is reduced by a third gate from the manufacturer. Continuous shooting mercilessly shortens life shutter. Particularly susceptible to premature wear shutter company Canon (according to surveys of prof. Photographers).

Usually on a new digital camera sales organizations provide 2 years warranty. How much for this time frame can be removed? - Yes, plenty! Especially if you shoot lots. Apparently "new" SLR may be "old lady" well before the end of the warranty period. So, the life of the camera - not the argument on which it is necessary to rely upon purchase. Age of digital SLRs are generally determined by the mileage (wear) of the shutter. To determine the actual "age" of the camera, you can use this utility that will show the true number of the shutter in the camera Nikon. For Canon cameras such online tools I have found. If anyone tell me where you can take free under such software, will be grateful.

If someone tells you that the replacement valve is not expensive - do not believe it. You can google the question and find out how much it costs to replace the shutter of your camera. As a rule, the replacement valve in the service center - is a third, and sometimes almost half the cost of the camera itself.

What were the conditions to exploit the camera?

Nikon, Speedlight-SB-900

Conditions using the camera - this is an important argument for the purchase. Find out how often the photography at low temperatures in winter, on the coast and smoky environment. Indoor smoke or smoky places some prof. photographers often use in their photo shoots. Smoke, as well as sunlight affects the matrix camera.

If the camera has a video recording function, it can be used as a video camera, which has a negative effect on the matrix. For long periods of shooting video, the matrix is ​​exposed to harmful UV rays of sunlight (burn) because of what may decrease the sensitivity of light-sensitive elements of the matrix. Pictures with such a matrix look dull, malonasyschennymi with unnatural shades of colors.

Photographing in the winter can damage the internal parts of the camera and lens. No, it is not frost damage. Imperceptible at first glance can cause damage to the condensate, which is created on the surface of the chamber and inside it, with a sharp drop in temperature (when to get off the street into a warm room). Oxidation contacts electronic circuit cameras can happen over time, not necessarily in the same day...

Duration of photography on the coast as well as under the influence of condensation can cause oxidation/corrosion of internal metal items, contacts, camera and lens. Salt water is capable of several times faster than oxidized metallic elements and internal contacts of the camera.

Shock, vibration and other physical effects - not best friends photography. If the camera body or lens visible cracks or dents, it is better not to buy a photographic technique. If you buy used lens, check for foreign objects on the internal lenses. Look through the lens at any bright light source, changing the angle of the direction of light. If you find a lot of dust or small pieces of glass, give up such a purchase. You do not need such optics, even at a low price. Optics - this is the main part of any camera body - is secondary.

If you buy a zoom lens, do not check whether it crawls arbitrarily by tilting the camera down. He must hold the focal length in the position in which you left it. Also check the free running of the indoor unit lenses. Bringing in the maximum length of the lens, turn it down the front of the lens and slightly poshatayte right - left. Shat should be minimal and without a strong knock. Note the rear lens element, it must be free of any stains, scratches, stains. If the back of the lens is dirty - forget about the blur. If the front lens, there are some minor scratches or stains - it is not as critical as for the back of the lens, in which an image is formed.

zoom lens Nikon

If the mounting screws camera or lens are visible traces of the impact screwdriver, small scratches on the screws, then someone tried to repair the equipment, which is the technique has undergone unauthorized repairs. Technique passed the test with a screwdriver you certainly do not need.

Also be sure to check the integrity of the shoe, see the photo on the left. If the shoe is slightly loose, so he used to fall off either with the flash on impact or fall off soon. This camera, we also do not need.

Should I buy a used of photographic equipment?

If you are an aspiring amateur photographer, but at this stage of creative development you do not have the money to buy a new camera, but you'd like to enjoy a good way to photographic equipment, can get used photography. Using a good used photographic equipment you'll get used to the location of the buttons, levers, etc. You will have enough time to practice shooting using different modes and settings.

When you have the money for a new photo equipment, you will know exactly why and what to buy. The money spent on a used photo equipment - it is not money thrown away on the wind. This is a fee for the acquired experience, the fee for the practical skills to professional or semi-professional photographic equipment that are required in their future careers.
That's all. Happy shopping! Thank you for your attention.

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