Beautiful places in Lviv and its attractions

In this article, we will continue our sightseeing places and beautiful historic city of Lvov. In a previous article, I mentioned the Lviv City Hall, and now we will stop here and have a good look around.

Statue of Neptune in the Market Square in Lviv

Lviv City Hall

Lviv City Hall is located in the heart of the city — on the Market Square. This area, as well as Liberty Avenue, is always crowded with tourists from around the world. There is something to see and where to take pictures. The most delicious attraction of this place can be considered a 4 sculptures of ancient heroes, which are located at the corners of the town hall.

Neptune sculpture in the Market Square

One of these sculptures is shown in the right photo, — it trizubtsem Neptune with his right hand. The statue of Neptune is the most popular among tourists here all the time spinning Visitors with cameras. To remove the background to Neptune without any extra objects (the ubiquitous tourists), you need to come early in the morning, when there is not as crowded as day.

Incidentally, this is not just a sculpture, it is in fact fountain with statues. Each statue is located in the center of the fountain. Fountains really small, but still... By clicking on the pictures, you can see these little fountains.

If you walk the children

Around these fountains continuously crowd of people dressed in different funny costumes. They can take a picture with you or you in their suit for some symbolic amount. They do not say how much money to pay, you pay as much as do not mind. If you walk with the kids, this place is sure to please them.

Market Square - cubby

At the Market Square you can often see different events, flash mobs, or unusual Tubes in which you can participate for a nominal sum. Despite the fact that this area is always full of tourists, here you feel very cozy and comfortable; the atmosphere of this place is very nice.

How to get to the Market Square

Moving from the opera house on Prospect of Freedom

About the Market Square I He spoke briefly, but did not say how to get here. In the last article, we stopped at the Lviv Opera House. Now continue our journey to the most beautiful places of Lviv.

If you walk from the Opera House on Liberty Avenue, we come to the monument of Taras Shevchenko. Just beyond this area with the monument turn left and go on the street. Peter Doroshenko, which lead us to Cathedral Square. See photos below.

Cathedral Latin Cathedral (1360 - 1481 gg.)

Go forward in area. On the right see the beautiful building — Latin Cathedral, an architectural monument (1360 - 1481 gg.) Chagall past him and go out on the Market Square.

Cathedral Latin Cathedral in Cathedral Square

Here's a view we will, as in the photo below, when we come to the end of the Cathedral Square. Picture taken in Cathedral Square. Cathedral Latin Cathedral was behind me.

How to make photo-quality architecture

This picture, like many others, spoil the ubiquitous wire. Too many wires in the old part of the city. To remove any building with the best angle and get rid of the wires, you need to choose a camera position at which the wire or some unnecessary objects are held in such places facades of buildings, where they can be easily removed in a photo editor at the post-processing.

Lookout Tower Lviv City Hall

Hiding unnecessary elements snapshot

If you do not want to deal with tedious removing unnecessary elements of the image in Photoshop, hide them in a frame similar to the tone of the objects. For example, in the photo above, I chose this angle at which the yellow sign with a speed limit of 15 km of the tram./H was not the blue clear sky, where he was rushed to the eye, but on the background of the facade, where it is almost imperceptible.

Follow the subject in the frame

When framing follow the location of objects to make your photos more expressive and quality from an artistic point of view. The photo below is selected the wrong angle for taking photos as a sign (white rectangle) breaks the circuit of the roof of the building. There had to be a step to the left to sign appeared on the background of clouds that are very similar in brightness.

Facade of the Lviv City Hall on Market Square

Facade of the Lviv City Hall

In the photo above, the facade of the Lviv city hall, the front part of the building. At the main entrance are two stone lions which I described at the beginning of last articles.

Amphitrite statue in the Market Square

In the photo below, the Lviv City Hall on the right, the rear side. This part of the Market Square is decorated with one of the four fountains. This time — with the statue of Amphitrite, which obviously lost thing, which is to keep the idea of ​​creation in his left hand. Who knows, maybe Amphitrite helped him lose some evil seekers nonferrous metals.

Amphitrite statue on the background of the Lviv City Hall

Imitation of missing elements of the composition

I thought not unseemly such a charming girl hold hands raised up without cause (it's not a bodybuilder bodybuilding competitions), and decided to put it to the left arm background object (gutter) to complete the track and simulate the missing element of sculpture. It seems to be nice and a bit funny, but, as for me, sadly, that the key attractions of the city are exposed to vandalism or neglect on the part of the administration.

Italian Courtyard

Perimeter Market Square

Along the perimeter of the Market Square there are many interesting and very beautiful buildings with unique facades. In one of these buildings is an outdoor restaurant, this place is called Italian yard. See photo below. This restaurant — one of the attractions of the Market Square.

Of course, it's not the only handsome restaurant in this area, there is another wonderful restaurant with a number of highlights, which is located in front of the Town Hall. The restaurant is quite eloquent title "Best Hospitality in Lviv," but there we look like some other time.

Restaurant Italian courtyard in Lviv

This cozy place attracts tourists and photographers for its architecture in the Venetian style. The special charm of this place added to the column with beautiful arches. Here you can go and take pictures for free.
Today it all. In the next article I will talk about interesting places in Lviv for photo shoots. If you have visited the places described in this article, you can leave a comment with the recall.

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