Terms of advertising on the site profoto.lviv.ua

Themes advertised sites or services

The offer is available for all sites do not violate ethical, regulations and legislation. Sites extremist direction, pornographic or erotic content will not be considered.

Always glad to sites close to the photo category, web design and maintenance of computers. But if your web resource does not fall under any of these categories, it does not matter, where the doors are open for everyone!

Lviv Opera hung advertising

In the photo - Lviv Opera House "decorated" theme advertising as Christmas tree )).

Your advertising on all pages of this site

Your advertising banners will be placed on any page of this resource. At your discretion, it may be the main page with some rating or any other article... current picture rating articles you can always be observed in the footer. Ranking Articles happens automatically and in real time.

Ad units can be about this size (px):

  • The large rectangle 336x280;
  • The horizontal banner 728x90 / 728x200;
  • The mean square of 200x200;
  • Non-standard banner size: a maximum of 730 for width and 280 for height.

How it will look

Location of ad units

Location banners with your advertising depends on your preferences. Banners can not be located in the header and footer. They can be located under the heading of the article (728x90 - max 728x200) in the article and/or under the article, for example, because it is made on this page.

Placing advertising banners on the pages promoted

This site has promoted a number of pages that have the highest attendance of the target audience, so called, landing page. On them you can place your ads only in one particular place - at the top right, as shown in the screenshot below.

A red banner at the top right

To see a real example of the integration of the advertising banner, open the page with the prices for the services of the photographer. I draw your attention to the fact that the size of the banner can be here only 200x200 pixels.

The cost of placing an advertising banner

The price depends on the block size, the timing of placement and the type of web page:

  • Rectangle 336x280 (for articles) - $1.5/month | $12/year;
  • The horizontal banner 728x90 (under the heading of the article, the first Screen) - $1.7/month | $20/year;
  • Square banner 200x200 (on the landing page) - $2.5/month | $25/year;
  • Price of non-standard banner size depends on the width and height - from $1/month | $9/year to $3/month | $35/year.
  • The banner on the home page (200x200 or 336x280) - $5/month | $50/year.

Payment methods specified by phone or in personal correspondence.

Creation of advertising banners

In addition, you can use your existing advertising banners, it is possible to order a banner ad at me. I can for you to create banners three basic types and any complexity. Prices for production of banners see below.

The types of advertising banners:

  • FLASH-banner - $10-20-50;
  • GIF-banner - $3-7-15;
  • The graphic banner - $1-4-8.

Prices banner ads are different depending on their size and resources spent on manufacturing. Links to graphics/GIF banners will be closed from robots "rel" attribute in the tag "a" with a value of "nofollow" and/or wrapped in a JS-code. Hurry up to take the sweetest place for your ad until it's done your competitors! Contact - agree!