Photographer, web-designer

Draw light and shadow
Sell your experience and imagination

Good evening!
My name is Andrey (in the Network - Andrey Ko).
Photo takes 34 years, of which 15 years of doing professionally.

Now I work in the following areas:

  • Wedding reportage and staged photography;
  • Portrait;
  • Landscape.

I use professional equipment Nikon.
10 years ago switched to digital photography, is now only work with her.
There is a small private photostudio.

When you open this page, you probably waited a long train transfers all my achievements and awards in the field of photography. Sorry, but you have a little bit disappointing.
On some special photo achievements is early for me to write; I have not removed those frames which could be proud of, that would become my trademark.
By that I strive in every way, but for now, to my great regret, as seen from my meager portfolio, especially nothing to brag about.

For his work, I am quite self-critical, it helps me to move forward, to evolve and improve. With every picture taken, step by step, I approach to understanding what's Photo. I love photography and all that goes with it. I like to shoot, and doing this kind of creativity with great pleasure.
What I photograph? First of all, it is a tool by which I can pass the viewer their thoughts, communicate with the world without knowing foreign languages, and are not physically crossing the border. Thanks to photography, I open in itself something new, something that no photos would be available to me.
In this article, I briefly spoke about how and how to begin my career as a photographer.

WEB-design, web marketing (SEO)

In parallel with the photo (10 years) I do web-design and web-marketing (SEO) - promotion of web-projects on the Internet. This is the same as the picture, a very exciting experience, which takes a lot of time and effort. But I try to combine in his life, the two most interesting creative professions, and Do not abandon any of them. Thank you for stopping by this site. Always glad to your visit and make new friends in the social. networks on my Facebook page and VKontakte, join my friends.
Regards, Andrey Ko.