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The materials of this photoblog are answers to frequently asked questions about wedding photos as well as what are the criteria to choose a wedding photographer. But if your wedding is in the past, do not rush to leave this website because there are a lot of interesting, exclusive information on photography, photographic and many other things connected with photography and more...

Do you know...
How to distinguish quality photos from marriage?This article will be useful for those honeymooners who are looking for a wedding photographer, but do not know how to distinguish the good from the photographer potboiler.
For what is worth paying a wedding photographer?In this article you will learn what's worth paying the money wedding photographer, and for that it is not necessary to pay money...
What questions to ask a wedding photographer?Of the material in this article you will learn what questions need to put wedding photographer at a preliminary meeting, not to be trapped.
How to take quality portrait?This article is about, on what points should pay special attention when shooting portraits. These examples of composition.
How to verify a digital SLR before buying?Buying photo equipment, it is necessary to know the methods of testing the camera and lens. This article reveals the subtleties of photographic verification.
How to improve the performance of your computer?In order for your computer had a long and productive life, you must take care of him. Computer help useful software details in the article.
How to build a computer yourself?If you want to save money on buying a PC, assemble your PC with your hands and do not know how to do it? This you will learn from this article.
How to free up disk space on the C drive?When Disk (C:) turns red, you have a desire to immediately redraw it in blue, but do not know how... Here - solution.

Personal guide-photographer

Personal Guide photographer — services provided to everyone in a short time to visit all the most interesting places of the historic city of Lviv.Photographer Lviv guideFor a modest fee you will be provided with high-quality services of a competent guide and a professional photographer in one person. Selfies — it is fashionable, but personal photographer is much better. Read more about the service photo excursion.

About this site site was created as a site-card wedding photographer, to advertise their photo services on the Internet. But now he is gradually transformed into an information site. I began to share their experiences by posting of articles on the topic of photography.

Today it is difficult to imagine modern photograph without any computer processing (Photoshop CS). Computer - the same tool as the photographer, the camera, so I decided to share with you useful information on the topic of your home PC.

On the status super expert photos I certainly do not pretend. Your articles I write for those people who make the first steps in photography and the web looking for the right information written in clear, accessible (human) language.

This site has been around for several years, but only recently I started to deal with them a little. In the future, if possible, try to add new material and update the latest information to keep the old materials relevant content. Come visit, stay tuned to post a comment.

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